Taking stock

Home.  That was the impetus for starting this blog.  The search for home.  We all know that it’s more complicated than at what address one lives.  And at last count, I’d lived at 17.  To that, I’ll add two more, and arrive at the address where Tom and I currently reside.  We have lived here for 2.4 years now.  It is our home.  It is what adults in this country strive for - to buy a home.  Each of us have already owned a property prior to this, a condo of some sort, but this free-standing house, with a garden, a driveway, on a tree-lined street, is the first and only one we bought together.  And although we’ve settled in with all kinds of mixed feelings and tribulations, it is our home.  

It is where we’d like to start a family.  Which brings me to the second aspect of home: family.  Beyond just an address, a physical space, there are the people who make up one’s home.  Sure, one can live alone, and feel at home.  Both Tom and I have done it.  But as a married unit, we are an intrinsic part of each other’s home.  We like that. 
And we’d like to expand.  Whether that means having our own or adopting, we’d like to stretch the boundary of what home means.  That is the journey we’ve been on for a while now, since shortly after we moved into this new home of ours.  I know from my previous 25 years of searching for home, that that journey is never easy or straight forward.  It is full of curves, hills, and plateaus.  And so it would appear it is with this: expanding the meaning of home to small individuals beyond Tom and me. 

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