Ask and Ye Shall Receive

About seven or eight years ago I created my own New Year’s ritual. A simple affair, it consisted of staying home, reflecting on what had transpired in my life during that year and what I wanted to happen in the year to come. Usually this process involved writing, dreaming, gratitude and some tears. A good little ritual.

The list often contained things like: learn to play a new instrument, visit someplace new, finish my Master’s thesis, learn to paint with oils, make new friends, or take sailing lessons. I noticed at the end of each year, when reviewing the scribbles from my NYE Party for One, that indeed many of my dreams, ideas and goals had been met. At least those that were more inspiring than “lose 5 pounds.” I felt awestruck.

By doing this, I gained confidence in my dreams and my capacity to achieve them. I also grew faithful that the universe grants heartfelt wishes. My dreams became more elaborate and brazen.

“I will marry a man who is really smart, really good, really tall and who really loves me a lot. He will be someone I can talk to about anything. Someone who is fun. Someone to have adventures with. Someone who has lived abroad. We will live together in a city or town where we can walk to dinner...”

When I moved to DC and married Tom, I congratulated myself and thanked the universe for a job well done.

I proceeded to dream with Tom. “Maybe when you work abroad on a legislative project, I could go with you and work on an education project.” I felt drunk, giddy while voicing the idea over dinner sometimes last July. It seemed so distant from what my life had been just a week or two before. Tom seemed confident and encouraging “That’s completely plausible. I think that would be great.”

Less than 6 months later, we are in Islamabad. Tom is working on project that strengthens the legislative bodies of Pakistan’s provinces. And, miraculously, I am indeed working on an education project.

I spent a lot of time in the last six months thinking about where, if not abroad, do I want to take my education career. “Communication” kept popping into my head. Despite the vagueness of that word, I paid attention to it and to the way it inspired me. I have practiced careful listening throughout my life. The expression, the speaking and writing, of my own voice was what I wanted to practice. Communication seemed like the professional name which captured that.So, I was even more flabbergasted when my colleague introduced me as a “communications consultant.”

So far it has only been four days, and I am just having glimpses of what I got myself into. Nonetheless, it is not too early to celebrate and rejoice about another heartfelt wish granted by the universe.


  1. Hello there! Just wanted to say "hi" and see how this commenting thing works. It's a bright spot in my day to see one of your posts pop up in my blog feed!

  2. That’s wonderful. I'm glad your wishes do come true, as they should. I have been practicing similar ritual when it comes to reflection upon prior year, although not all my wishes have become a reality, many of them had. So I'm thankful for those that did make it. You have to tell me more about your communication job.