The quest for home continues - in Pakistan?

It is 2010.
It has been about a year since I met Tom (though the date, in both senses of the word, is debatable).
6 months since I left Orange County and moved to my most recent home in Washington DC.
4 months since Tom and I got married.
2 weeks since we left DC and came to Islamabad.
2 weeks since my 18th address: the Serena Hotel in Islamabad

OK, that's not quite fair, and not quite accurate. A hotel can not technically be a home, right? Unless... what if you spend 30 days at a hotel? 50 days?

We are looking for our official new home, but for now it is the Serena. A south facing room, on the fourth story, of a luxurious, fortified hotel, in southeast corner of Islamabad, Pakistan.

As they say, wherever you go, there YOU are. And so with me, I have brought all my questions, my doubts, my tensions, but also my experiences and my faith that home is where the heart is.

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